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Small is a Serious Art Game related to the topic of physical changes.

This game has different endings where your choices matter.

I hope you enjoy this game, this was my first game made with the unity engine.


After playing the game:

Small is about someone beginning their adulthood and running into people who are not happy about their appearances, and their only logical conclusion is to physically alter themselves to look better. This is loosely based on the fact that many young adults (in this case my focus was South Korea) are influenced by Kpop stars who tend to get plastic surgery. It has become a social norm to get plastic surgery or liposuction from 16 on, it is probably because of the high influence by society to change or look like these kpop stars.

HOWEVER. It is important to remember that this also happens in America, and that South Korea has a smaller population so it is possible we are equal in amount of adults getting plastic surgery. Just not equal to amount per area.

As you continue to change in the game you keep getting smaller. This is because your influences of society has made your personality smaller - by striving to become someone else. And also signify your body getting smaller by getting liposuction.


Small_EleanorGarvey.zip 12 MB

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